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Amir Zoghi

Love and oneness: daring to end all barriers

When not soaring over the skies of Sydney, Australia, as an aerobatic pilot, Amir Zoghi is well known for helping his international coaching clients soar in their personal and professional lives as a mindset coach. Amir is also an international speaker sought after for his practical and relatable mindset and transformative training programs.

As an entrepreneur, Amir’s successful companies are not limited to the average business strategies. His capacity for success in life and business start with understanding the limitless capacity of the mind and harnessing a deep integration in creating results without forcing or manipulating the outcome.

DeEtta Jones

Inclusive leadership: defining diversity and transforming the workplace

DeEtta is an American strategist in equity, diversity, inclusion and workplace transformation. DeEtta brings 30 years of experience in developing practical tools to build management effectiveness and make structural and sustainable organizational change.


She is the Founder and CEO of DeEtta Jones and Associates (DJA), a consulting firm that brings leaders and organizations together with an integrated and sustainable strategy centered on values of inclusion and equity. For DeEtta we are at a turning point - organizations and their leaders are being held accountable to new standards of equity, inclusion and excellence, and in this sense the most impactful changes are not reactionary or episodic but intentional, continuous and enterprise-wide, strengthening the strategy, systems and culture within an organization.


DeEtta provides its clients with research-based knowledge and contemporary best practices, delivers presentations to tens of thousands of people annually, and works with hundreds of organizations in various industries around the world.

Leizer Pereira

Making meritocracy equitable

Leizer Pereira, Founder and CEO of Empodera - a platform that prepares successful careers and builds the bridges for inclusion in the labor market -, has worked for over six years with the largest companies in Brazil, managing teams to deliver services such as strategic alignment, inclusive leadership training, stakeholder mobilization, communication, culture assessment, and diversity and inclusion program design.

Leizer has a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and an MBA in Business Management.

Zé Ricardo

The power and joy that difference holds

Zé Ricardo is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and the Artistic Director of the Sunset Stage and the Favela Space at Rock in Rio, as well as music curator at Rio2C.

Since 2011 he is responsible for the Sunset Stage at Rock in Rio: a space that was born in the Lisbon edition, being seen by the public as "alternative", and that has become an essential part of the diversity and possibilities of encounters that the festival has come to offer to the public. As the person responsible for the Favela Stage, his intention is to show the power and the artists that the favela has and the space they can occupy in the market, creating a sense of belonging.

Zé Ricardo was also selected for The Town, a new festival from Better World, creator of Rock in Rio, which will have its first edition in São Paulo, in 2023, where he will be responsible for the stages The One, whose ambassador is rapper Criolo, and Factory, which will highlight the plurality of music and street culture.

Passionate about cognitive diversity, Zé Ricardo talks about the power of collective genius to take us all to new territories of individual and group development.

Dino D'Santiago

A wonderful world

Dino d'Santiago is a Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean descent, a champion of Lisbon's new wave of Afro-electronic sounds, and a mainstay in Portugal's hip-hop and R&B scenes.

Inspired by his roots in Santiago, Dino blends traditional Cape Verdean music with new genres to create what is recognizable today as his signature sound, which can be heard on his albums 'Eva' (Lusafrica 2013) and the acclaimed 'Mundu Nôbu.' (Sony Music Portugal 2018) He expertly fuses the traditional Morna, Batuku, and Funaná with electronic music to create a refreshing, timeless sound that took Portugal by storm.

International media such as Rolling Stone, Complex, and Folha de S. Paulo praised him as one of the most creative artists in the Lisbon music scene. Dino was awarded Best Local Artist, Best Album and Critics' Choice at Portugal's Play Awards in 2019 and Best Male Artist, Best Album and Critic's Choice in 2021 with the album 'KRIOLA' (Sony Music Portugal 2020).

In 2021 Dino started a new journey as a father of little Lucas, and with this inspiration, even the pandemic couldn't hold back an artist who lives to record. His fourth album, 'Badiu,' is an ode to his new life as a parent and a brilliant complement to its predecessor 'Kriola.' It is a community music project with many borders but no limits. This album wrapped in Batuku, cathartic, raw, and black, helps Cape Verde's new generation to reconcile and learn to claim their African heritage. Dino d'Santiago has made a vibrant collection of stories from the Creole nation that has the Atlantic at its heart and music as the only haven for joy.

Founder of the project Lisboa Criola, he was considered in 2021 one of the 100 most influential people of African descent by MIPAD (Most Influential People of African Descent). In 2022 he was in charge of the curatorship of the event Jardins de Verão at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, an event that featured 30 concerts of artists from the outskirts of Lisbon in the gardens of the foundation and was distinguished by Time Out magazine that same year as the event of the year.  In 2023 he was chosen by Expresso as one of the 50 figures who may come to define the future of Portugal. Dino D'Santiago is also an activist for social causes and participates in several projects for social equity and equality.

Ze Ricardo
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