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Teatro Tivoli BBVA Lisboa
& Live streaming to the world

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How heterogeneous is your workplace? Let's see: how many women hold leadership positions in your company? Is your team racially diverse? Are there queer people? Do employees come from different socioeconomic backgrounds? Is your workplace accessible to people with disabilities? And finally, have you ever wondered about these issues? When we work in homogeneous spaces for too long, we forget about the diversity of people and the potential that each one possesses. In fact, although our society is very diverse, boards, leaderships and teams do not always reflect it.

PT Sobre

The Happy Conference 2023
will allow leaders and teams to

Understand what diversity, equity and inclusion are, and the challenges and consequences for the growth of people and companies

Learn best practices for making companies more inclusive

Invest in the collective genius to nurture creativity and innovation in companies

Reflect on the existence of diversity in their workplace, and how it should be respected

Deconstruct conscious and unconscious biases and bring more diversity into the workplace

Strengthen and expand the human space within a business culture embedded in ESG principles

Know the language used when talking about social issues inside and outside the workplace

Understand the role of equity and equal opportunity in building teams where cognitive diversity is a strength, differentiating business and results

Stimulate unity for an active participation in the defense of equal opportunities and social justice




Welcome words
Carlota Ribeiro Ferreira


Love and oneness: daring to end all barriers
Amir Zoghi


First-person representation: understanding and upholding, a panel with Filipa Pinto Coelho (Joyeux Portugal & VilacomVida), Gerson Rodrigues (Associação Salvador), Mara Santos (Girl MOVE Academy), Mayne Souza Benedetto (Voz do Autista) & Rita Paulos (Casa Qui)


Inclusive leadership: defining diversity and transforming the workplace
DeEtta Jones


Coffee Break


Making meritocracy equitable
Leizer Pereira


Taking the road to inclusivity, a conversation with Catarina Oliveira Fernandes (MC Sonae), Helen Duphorn (IKEA), Helena Rodrigues (Allby) & Susana Véstia (PMI) moderated by DeEtta Jones


The power and joy that difference holds
Zé Ricardo


A wonderful world
Dino D’Santiago



Program conducted by
Benedita Sampaio Nunes and Nathalia Toledo

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PT: Agenda
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Amir Zoghi

Love and oneness: daring to end all barriers

site_Ze Ricardo_LR.jpg

Zé Ricardo

The power and joy that difference holds

site_DeEtta Jones_LR.jpg

DeEtta Jones

Inclusive leadership: defining diversity and transforming the workplace


Dino D'Santiago

A wonderful world


Leizer Pereira

Making meritocracy equitable

HOME: Oradores
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LRfinal_Filipa Pinto Coelho.jpg

Filipa Pinto Coelho

Joyeux Portugal & VilacomVida

LRfinal_Mayne Benedetto.jpg

Mayne S. Benedetto

Voz do Autista

LRfinal_Helen Duphorn.jpg

Helen Duphorn


LRfinal_Gerson Rodrigues.jpg

Gerson Rodrigues

Associação Salvador

LRfinal_Rita Paulos.jpg

Rita Paulos

Casa Qui

LRfinal_Helena Rodrigues.jpg

Helena Rodrigues


LRfinal_Mara Santos.jpg

Mara Santos

Girl Move Academy

LRfinal_Catarina Oliveira Fernandes.jpg

Catarina O. Fernandes

MC Sonae

LRfinal_Susana Véstia (Cópia em conflito de Win World, SA 2023-02-28).jpg

Susana Véstia


PT: Bilhetes
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To purchase tickets, groups, corporate packs, special conditions and more information, please contact us

Individual in-person ticket (Teatro Tivoli)

250€ + IVA

Individual virtual ticket

250€ + IVA


50 in-person tickets or 50 virtual tickets or combo
10% pack discount + logo + brand activation + series of thematic workshops + exclusive in-company workshop

11 250,00€ + IVA


30 in-person tickets or 30 virtual tickets or combo
7,5% pack discount + logo + brand activation + series of thematic workshops + exclusive in-company workshop

6 940,00€ + IVA


20 in-person tickets or 20 virtual tickets or combo
5% pack discount + logo + brand activation + series of thematic workshops

4 750,00€ + IVA


10 in-person tickets or 10 virtual tickets or combo
3% pack discount + logo + brand activation + series of thematic workshops

2 425,00€ + IVA

_Add tax at the current rate. Billing at the time of purchase. Payment within 15 days of invoice.
_Packs can be mixed – with in-person and virtual tickets – according to the company’s needs
_Teatro Tivoli seats are located at the parquet area
_Brand activations in the theater and on the streaming platform to be agreed with each company
_Exclusive workshops at the companies are conducted by a special trainer and must be planned with each company to be held until June 30, 2023

The Happy Conference 2023 is an opportunity for training and inspiration, contributing to reinforce the positioning of companies committed to diversity, equity and inclusion principles and practices.

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How can we help you

To purchase tickets, groups, corporate packs, special conditions and more information, please contact us


Ana Rodrigo Gonçalves

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Filipa Sampaio Nunes

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PR and Media Partners

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Concept and Global Management

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