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The Beauty of the Unknown

Navigating  AI ,
Durable Skills ,
Smart Work
& Gen Z


The world is changing fast, driven by rapid technological advancements, shifting geopolitical landscapes, and a growing awareness of environmental challenges. As societies become increasingly interconnected, information flows at unprecedented speed, reshaping the way people communicate, work, and collaborate.


The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is revolutionizing industries, raising questions about the future of work and the necessary skills in an evolving job market; Also, there is an increasing demand for emotional intelligence and enhanced communication skills to navigate unprecedented complexities. Within this dynamic landscape, Generation Z is playing a significant role in shaping workplace culture and expectations.

What to expect

A new set of skills
and beliefs to face
the unknown

Understand how to make effective decisions in uncertain scenarios.

Explore the ethical implications of AI in the workplace, and learn the best ways to use it.

Develop intra and interpersonal skills for better emotional intelligence, communication and influence.

Know the best work models to adopt.

Outline strategies to attract Gen Z talents and manage multigenerational workforces.

Engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded professionals to share practices and ideas on how to fearlessly face the unknown.



Tomorrow is unknown, but exciting. Nothing is the same, but change, though disruptive, is what allows us to innovate and discover creative solutions to emerging problems. While the future is challenging, it carries immense potential. From where we stand, we can find comfort in discomfort, embrace change, recognize the opportunities to improve the world around us and appreciate the beauty in the unknown.



Check in

Welcome coffee and networking



Take your seat


Welcome words

Carlota Ribeiro Ferreira


Business as (un)usual

David Rowan   BIO


AI as co-pilot

Bernardo Caldas   BIO


Adaptability through durable skills

Sofia de Castro Fernandes BIO

Teatro Tivoli BBVA Lisbon & Live streaming to the world


Coffee break

Coffee and networking


Smart people, smart work, smart future

Tiago Forjaz   BIO


Bridging generations

Kristen Geez   BIO


A happy future

with a performance by Julia Zhou   BIO


Happy cocktail!

Drinks and farewell

Program led by Nathalia Toledo.
Simultaneous translation devices available.


Meet this edition's speakers

LR-ED_David Rowan.jpg

David Rowan

Business as (un)usual

LR-ED_Tiago Forjaz.jpg

Tiago Forjaz

Smart people, smart work, smart future

LR-ED_Bernardo Caldas.jpg

Bernardo Caldas

AI as co-pilot

LR-ED_Kristen Geez.jpg

Kristen Geez

Bridging generations

LR-ED_Sofia de Castro Fernandes.jpg

Sofia de Castro Fernandes

Adaptability through durable skills

LR-ED_Julia Zhou.jpg

Julia Zhou

Happy future

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‘The skills needed to succeed in today's world and the future are curiosity, creativity, taking initiative, multi-disciplinary thinking and empathy.’

Tiffany Shlain

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Happy Corporate Members

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