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Our Happy Walk is a part of our corporate pack and can be undertaken before or after the Happy Conference, as soon as the company confirms presence.

This is an inclusive workout, done in collaboration with other professional partners, where organisations can choose in between 15 treks around LIsbon (Sintra, Ericeira,Arrabida, ...). The walks are all of moderate difficulty levels, and happen in areas of outstanding natural beauty. The treks take between 3-5 hours depending on the chosen route.

These walks work extremely well by themselves, with people greatly enjoying themselves in this relaxing and inclusive activity. However, group dynamics, conversation starters and themes may be agreed on beforehand to better facilitate communication within teams.

Happy Workplace

A beautiful, organised and harmonious workplace evergizes staff and increases their capacity of concentration and execution. In just 24 hours and with a modest budget, Happy Workplace will transform spaces and lives at work.

Happy Workplace believes that successful organisations need spaces of harmony and well-being that motivate employees. We invite our partners to be protagonists of a positive makeover of their workspaces, one geared towards team spirit, creativity and individual and collective satisfaction. With the help of a Happy Workplace expert and his or her knowledge on spaces and ergonomics, each team will reflect on and identify changes to their workplace, develop an action plan and put it in practice. All of this with a modest budget and in just 24 hours.

Be it by making our spaces greener with plants, adding a new coffee machine, more comfortable chairs or rearranging desjs - small changes can be enough to multiply a business’ results and general well-being.

Happy & Healthy

Team members who are in tune with their physical, mental and social selves, are likelier to be happier and healthier, both within the office and outside of it. Happy & Healthy is a commitment to life.

Happy & Healthy believes that a companies’ strength is allied to its employees’ health and holistic self knowledge.

With the help of a Happy & Healthy expert from the area of medicine, nutrition and neuroscience, this workshop explores the physical, mental and social dimensions of the self. It aims to give participants an increased awareness on a healthy lifestyle and how it can benefit their personal and professional life.

Filled with knowledge, exercises and practices culminating in an inspiring lunch, this workshop marks the beginning of a journey of happiness, health and well-being.

Happy & Confident

Employees with high levels of self esteem are more prepared and motivated to succeed today. happy & confident is a powerful workshop that helps individuals find the inner strength necessary to face challenges and achieve goals.

At a time where structural uncertainty and challenges seem to be the norm, self confidence becomes a fundamental quality that allows us to explore this fascinating era with tranquility and happiness.

Happy & Confident workshop’s main objectives are to promote confidence and the personal as well as collective capabilities of participants. We propose tips and useful day-today advice to maximize the physical and psychological attributes of participants.

Led by a Happy & Confident expert with knowledge in the fields of psychology, motivation and confidence, this workshop is complemented by the participation of further specialists in the areas of story-telling, styling, make-up and photography.

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Happy & Healthy
Happy & Confident
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